R&D Department technicians performing quality testing OEM / ODM product samples.

Cosmetics Development

Our YLS expert cosmetics research and development team will create the perfect formulas for your products based on your requirements and our decades of experience.

We can create formulas to deliver functions such as whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging and many more.
Once the formulas are developed they will then be put through rigorous stability test.

Our Cosmetics Testing

Our expert R&D team will discuss and confirm your products requirements and then :

Mixing new sample products in the R&D department

Choose the most suitable ingredients to suit the product functions you require.

Tight close up of a technician using a precision weighing machine to check a product

Using over 10,000 different raw materials and paper types, we will develop the perfect ratio of raw materials to achieve the perfect formula.

R&D Department techinican testing a material sample in the laboratory

We will then test and confirm that the resulting formula meets precisely the customer specified effects before production.

Built on Quality

We understand the importance of excellent quality in your products and we use only the very best European and American imported raw materials in the formulation of your products.

+ Original Manufacturer Materials +

We are very careful in the sourcing of our raw materials and we insist on buying from only the original material source rather than licensees for all our raw materials.

IN this way we can safely avoid the issues which occur in the industry with poorly copied or licensed materials.

We do not cut corners on the quality of our products.

+ DuPon
+ Lipotec S.A.U.
+ Lonza Group
+ Merck KGaA
+ Symrise

+ Evonik Nutrition Care
+ GmbH, BL Personal Care
+ Clariant – Personal Care
+ Mibelle AG Biochemistry
+ Greentech
+ AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry
+ Active Micro Technologies LLC

R&D Department staff performing quality tests on sample cosmetics

+ Key Technologies & Features +

We can adjust the thickness of mask papers as well as their adhesive properties and texture according the customers exacting specifications.

This allows us to also produce various products for the
customer from the same selected formula.

These choices will also affect the end customers feeling and effectiveness when using the different products.