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Yong Li Shen is Committed to Your Product Safety and so we provide :
1. Up to 3 months of testing time for research and development activities for OEM / ODM product manufacturing.

2. Multiple Stability Tests

3. Use of other tests such as circulating oven for thermal stability as well as others.

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OEM Cosmetics QA

ODM Facial Mask
Manufacturing Experts

At YLS we do not have an issue with imperfect products during the production process. Our Years of experience allow us to consistently deliver excellent stable quality OEM / ODM cosmetics to our brand customers.

We believe that stable product quality is our responsibility to the consumer as well as to the OEM brand. If your product stability is not good enough then you cannot guarantee the quality of the products you deliver to consumers and that can impact upon your brand image.

In our quality control section, we have extensive experience and an expert team of R&D professionals to help customers develop the perfect product formulas and test them thoroughly. So we can be confident in the safety & performance of all the cosmetics we deliver.

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The quality testing teams are all graduates of The Department of Cosmetics at university and have decades of experience with many customers and different products using a wide variety of production techniques and development methodologies.

This team allows us to exceed customer expectations in delivering the perfect set of optimised OEM / ODM product characteristics to delight consumers.

OEM Cosmetics
Manufacturing Process

Production process flowchart for the manufacturing of OEM and ODM cosmetics at YLS